“Spud Sunday”

“Spud Sunday”

Gratitude Celebration.  On Sunday March 15th (Celtic Sunday) we will be having the 10:00 service only, during which we will express our gratitude for some of the unsung heroes of South Church.  There are many people without whose efforts South Church would not be able to touch as many people as it does.  However, they might not have an “official” title or committee roles so their commitment to South Church’s mission may go unnoticed.  The committee wants to change that!  

After the service on March 15th, the Vitality Committee is reviving our tradition of “Spud Sunday”–with a twist.  Based on a member’s dream of an All-Potato Pot Luck, the committee will be providing a baked potato bar and is asking the community to bring a favorite potato side dish, a salad or a dessert to share.  (Anyone bringing a potato dessert gets a gold star!!!)  There will be icebreaker games and an opportunity to get to know each other better.    


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