Community Scholarship

Community Scholarship

The South Church Community Scholarship as been presented for many years to an outstanding GMHS graduate who resides outside of Granby, which makes them ineligible for local scholarships. This year we are teaming up with First Church Granby to make an even greater impact, christening the Granby U.C.C. Community Scholarship!  Choose your preferred method of giving (see below), and let’s make this a great year for a deserving young person! 

Questions? Contact Heather Sinon – Thank you!

To give via the web:

1.  Go to

2.  On that website, select “Scholarship 2021” from the drop-down box above where it says “add gift to another fund”

3.  Complete the rest of the form to finalize the gift.

To give via text:

1.  Text $xx scholar (where XX =  the $ amount you want to give) to (860) 788-4416.  For example, text $50 scholar if you want to give $50.  If it is your first time giving via text, you will be send a link and instructions to set up your payment method.


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