Outreach for Haiti and Afghanistan

Outreach for Haiti and Afghanistan

It’s difficult for any of us to fathom the chaos and heartbreak that is currently going on in Haiti and Afghanistan. From earthquake devastation to government upheaval, it is a painful reminder of just how fragile our world can be. Many of us are taking steps, however small they may seem, trying to make a difference for those suffering in despair and uncertainly. Your Board of Christian Outreach has committed $1,000 from our yearly budget to help these two important needs. Additionally, we are providing members and friends of South Church, who would like to do more, with two separate giving opportunities.

To help the people of Afghanistan please mail or drop off a check (memo Afghanistan) to the office before September 20th.You can also give on our by selecting ‘Give to Afghanistan’ at https://southchurchgranby.breezechms.com/give/online or give-by-text by texting ‘$XX Afghanistan” (ex: text “$50 Afghanistan”) to (860) 788-4416.  The International Rescue Committee will receive these funds and use them for Afghan relief.

Both AmeriCares and the IRC have an excellent history of providing the lion’s share of funds collected to the specific need.

We are grateful for your support and the care that you have for our neighbors in the world. Thank you.

South Church Board of Christian OutreachWill Madsen, Doug Marshall, Kathy Morgan, Pam Pestretto, John Stevenson, Erin Windham


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