Fools For Love: Ashes & Roses

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 06:00pm - 06:45pm
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Feb. 14 is both Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day! From 6-6:45 pm there will be a service of Ashes and Roses. The ashes of Ash Wednesday are simply reminders of reality: we all die. In and of itself this seems like a depressing thought. However, death makes love possible. An end makes each moment precious. The highest expression of love is the willingness to die for someone. There are those who have died for you, given of their lives for you, and in so doing have planted the seeds of love within you. Their flowers grow and bloom in the soil of your life. At this service we invite you to bring a picture, memorabilia, or a brief story of someone who has given their life for you. You will have the opportunity to share, if you wish. We will impose ashes on one's forehead or hand as recognition of the reality of death and we will receive roses as a symbol of the love that never dies from generation to generation.
Location : Sanctuary