Christian Education

Christian Education

Kaleidoscope Corner

South Church’s Christian Education program, Kaleidoscope Corner, is held during the 10 a.m. Sunday service

By Brita Gotberg, Director of Christian Education

Dear South Church Families

It is a tradition here at South Church to give our 2nd grade students a Bible.  Second grade is the year when most students are reading more independently, are developing a sense of responsibility for their own things, and have a deep well of curiosity. Last month we gifted eight second graders with their very own Bibles.  If you were at worship that day, you saw the looks of pride on their faces as they stood in front of the congregation, each of their name’s being read aloud, as they shook Denny’s hand and received their gift.  If you happened to stay after for coffee hour, you saw a few of the students up on the stage, laying belly down on the floor with Bibles open, as they searched for stories they were familiar with.  A few decided to stay in the Parlor on the comfy carpet and leaf through the pages.  

In Kaleidoscope Corner we hope to plant the seeds of curiosity for the messages and stories of faith and love. Of course, as teachers, we wonder- How much is really sinking in?  Does an hour here or an hour there on a Sunday morning make any difference at all? We must remind ourselves that these seeds are just the beginning.  The seeds are- being welcomed into a room where we know each other, where we share laughter about our weeks and funny things that have happened, and where we share stories from the Bible. The seeds are sitting with their families in worship, listening to the choir, singing the hymns, and watching the candles being lit. The seeds are sweet treats at coffee hour and running around as the adults talk on and on. Are the seeds being planted in you too?  Maybe you have a Bible you were given a long time ago. Pull it out sometime and try to find your favorite Bible story.  Then, look around you and see how the seeds of God’s love continue to grow in each of us and in this family of faith here at South Church.

Thank you to our teachers and shepherds this session:  Jess and Jeff Hines, Theresa Smith, Lauren Markham, and Kathy Pidgeon

For more information, contact Brita Gotberg at, or, (860) 413-9138