Rev. Denny Moon

Dennis Moon is Sr. Minister of South Congregational Church, U.C.C., in Granby, Ct. His training as a pastoral psychotherapist and a family systems therapist has been instrumental in his work as a retreat leader and a pastor. He is the founder of Heads Up! Hartford, a state licensed, residential camp that has run for ten years. This camp brings urban and suburban high school students together to break down stereotypes through recreation and diversity training, and teaches leadership through integrated teams that do service projects in the Greater Hartford Area. For this work he is a recipient of the Tapestry Award given by the Hartford Courant.

A lover of music, he is a published hymn writer. A lover of story, he is a storyteller and the author and composer of the musical, "Abracadabra," which has a staged reading in New York in 2014. He has been married to Sally Stromberg for 42 years and they delight in their three adult children and their three grandchildren.

Here is a statement of some of his ideas about faith:

“The awareness, however dim, that we belong to the Mystery at the center of creation, can be transformative. It can turn the sense of living out in the cold to the comfort of a warm hearth, for we know we have a place in creation. It can turn apathy into energy, for we sense a call from that Mystery to use our unique gifts to serve the world. It can turn despair into meaning, because our service serves a purpose beyond ourselves. It can turn ‘burn out’ into ‘rest up,’ for we see we don’t have to do it all, we only have to do our part. And, it can turn listless living into joyful gratitude, for it frames life as a gift, rather than a prize that must be won or a battle that must be fought. When Jesus says, ‘The realm of God is at hand,’ he means, you already belong to the Mystery, it’s right here! And when he says “repent and follow me,” he means: Open your heart! Be transformed by the Mystery! Love the Mystery! Love your neighbor!”