What’s it mean to “be” Church?

What’s it mean to “be” Church?

Questions are vital to faith

What does “God” mean?

Would Jesus un-friend Buddha?

Does Science refute God?

Does God work through other faith traditions?

Can I be a Christian without being judgemental?

Can we take the Bible seriously but not literally?

Joy embodies God’s spirit:

  • Celebration Sunday – house band, breakfast, authentic messages, vibrant worship
  • Good Company Theater
  • Bruce Porter Memorial Music Series
  • Salmon Brook Music Series
  • Storytelling Coffeehouse

Creation is God’s home for everyone:

  • God loves everyone. NO exceptions!
  • Kaleidoscope Corner Sunday School K-6th grade
  • Faith Journey 7-8th grade
  • Youth Exploring Spirituality (Y.E.S.) 9-12th grade
  • Artist’s Way (adult women)
  • Men’s Group (adult men)
  • Sow and Reap (adult women)

Compassion reveals God’s presence:

  • Waste Not, Want Not Community Dinner
  • Garden of Gratitude
  • Youth and Adult Service Trips (local, US, International)
  • AA and Al-Anon
  • Health and Wellness Programs, Prayers and Healing Days